I-HELP Medical Equipment Donation Bravely Salvaged from Customs Quagmire

Yesterday, medical students at the A.M. Doglotti College of Medicine in Monrovia finally received a donation of 50 sets of medical equipment from I-HELP Liberia. This shipment was held up at Roberts International Airport for a month, while customs officials demanded that the medical students register as importers and pay a hefty tariff. The students finally were able to secure the release of the cargo without additional fees when a group of them went to the airport in their lab coats, insisting that they needed this essential equipment to help their patients. The Liberia Revenue Authority director was sufficiently impressed that they took a group photo.

Bravo to the students who helped release this equipment. We wish them the best in their studies.


More details can be found in this GNN Liberia news article.